Our Team

Award winning, professional architects with significant experience in architectural design across all industries, tailoring solutions to achieve their clients’ visions.  From small projects to large commercial projects, we are driven by vision.

Paul Bieldt Jr
Paul Bieldt Sr

Paul Bieldt Managing Director

Paul Bieldt Snr

Arno Jansen van Vuuren

Paul Bieldt Jr is a Professional Civil Technologist, Registered Master Builder and MD of P2 Architects & P2 Builders. Paul spent 6 years in Doha, Abu Dhabi & Dubai working as a civil engineer on mega projects. He enjoys running and traveling. Contact Paul for professional consultations for property developments, construction and architectural projects.

Paul Bieldt Sr has over 35 years of architectural experience in residential and commercial design and is the founding principal of P2. Today he runs marketing, client relations and gives technical inputs for complex issues. He oversees his team in the design and execution of a range of projects. He is a keen in his spare time, likes to play a round of golf and doing DIY projects.

Arno (Masters of Architecture: Free State University) became a professional architect in 2016 and joined P2 Architects and became a director. He specialises in  residential designs.  He has built his own dream home, worked on more than 400 residential & commercial projects and likes to play rugby and golf, doing DIY and spending time with his family.

We are DRIVEN BY VISION and we all subscribe to this philosophy.

Pieter Schreuder
Theresa Theron

Pieter Schreuder

Theresa Theron

Wilma Soule

Pieter has a passion for precision & creativity in residential, commercial & industrial designs with an emphasis on BIM modelling and photorealistic rendering. He has a complex understanding of roof components and construction methods. He likes outdoor activities, auto mechanical restoration, painting & recreational gaming/simulations.

Theresa is our frontline and is a highly organised individual with great communication and interpersonal skills. Theresa drives our approvals, administration and some HR tasks. She thrives for client satisfaction. She enjoys to socialise with family and friends as well as going to the gym.

Wilma is our in-house bookkeeper and is an invaluable member of the team. She has 40 years of accounting experience and handles HR, Payroll, and accounting. She enjoys functional exercises in the gymnasium.